What is a certified business intelligence professional (CBIP)?

Becoming CBIP certified is entirely dependent on passing three exams, and there are two levels of certification.

Can you tell us a little bit about TDWI's certified business intelligence professional (CBIP) program? And also,...

about how many CBIP's are there?

The CBIP program is aligned with the same five business intelligence areas that I previously mentioned. And to date, we have issued 600 certificates. Becoming certified is entirely dependent on passing three exams within these areas. There are two levels of certification:

  • Achieving the practitioner level requires passing three exams at 50% or higher.
  • Acheiveing the mastery level requires passing three exams at 70% or higher.

These percentages must seem low, but you have to remember that we don't offer courses that map directly to the exams. These exams are difficult. They are based on industry knowledge and they definitely require real-world experience to pass.

The difference between the two levels is that the practitioner level can be achieved through education and some experience (1-3 years). The mastery level requires a strong combination of education and experience.

Of those certified, about 70% are at the mastery level, and of those who test, about 10% do not pass one of their exams. CBIP started out as a domestic program, but has quickly moved to include many CBIP peers from around the world -- for example, the Netherlands, Germany, England and India.

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