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Meet the 2008 Data Management Products of the Year judges

Learn about the 2008 Data Management Products of the Year judging panel, which included experts in business intelligence, data warehousing, data quality, data integration and master data management.

This year, our panel of judges for the SearchDataManagement.com Products of the Year awards included industry experts and thought leaders specializing in business intelligence, data warehousing, data quality, data integration and master data management. While some judges chose to remain anonymous, read on to learn more about our judging panel.

  2008 Products of the Year judges  

Frank Dravis, Senior Consultant, Baseline Consulting
Frank Dravis is a senior consultant at Baseline Consulting, a business analytics and data integration services firm. Frank has twenty-one years of experience in enterprise information management (EIM) and data quality solutions design, implementation, and consulting. At Baseline Consulting he serves as senior consultant specializing in data integration, data quality, and data governance solutions, advising key clients and industry vendors on these and other technology strategies. Prior to joining Baseline Consulting Frank served as VP of EIM Strategy at Business Objects/SAP where he researched and aided in the formulation of EIM and data quality market strategies. Principal among those efforts was planning of CDI/master data management in the EIM suite. As a benefit of the research Frank delivered data quality best-practice advice and consulting to Business Objects' extensive list of industry-leading clients. He is a frequent writer, blogger and industry speaker on EIM topics. Prior to Business Objects Frank held such positions as VP of Development and VP of Information Quality at Firstlogic, Inc. where he led the IQ Assurance Strategic Data Quality consulting program, contributing thought leadership and practice management in addition to data profiling program management. Frank holds an M.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and a B.S. degree in computer science.

CDI Expert Jill Dyche'

Jill Dyché Partner and co-founder, Baseline Consulting
Jill Dyché is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and business consultant. She is partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a professional services firm specializing in business analytics, data warehousing, data integration and master data management. Jill's first book, e-Data (Addison Wesley, 2000) has been published in six languages and she is a contributor to the book, Impossible Data Warehouse Situations: Solutions From the Experts (Addison Wesley, 2002). Jill wrote The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management (Addison Wesley, 2001) and Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth. Jill is also an expert for SearchDataManagement.com's Ask the Expert feature.

Andy Hayler, Founder, Kalido
Andy is an established software industry authority, a strategy consultant advising corporations, venture capital firms and software companies. He is a regular keynote speaker on master data management, an area in which he has deep practical experience, both on the end user side and as a software vendor. Andy has been involved with some of the largest master data management (MDM) projects in the world.

He founded Kalido, which under his leadership was the fastest growing business intelligence vendor in the world in 2001. Kalido was recognised as an innovator in data warehousing, and then launched arguably the first true master data management product, a market which at the time did not exist but is now a well recognized and fast growing industry. Andy was the only European named in Red Herring's "Top 10 Innovators of 2002". He was a pioneer in blogging with his award-winning "Andy On Enterprise Software" blog.

Andy started his career with Esso, working in a number of technology roles before moving to Shell. He was Technology Planning Manager of Shell UK, then Principal Technology Consultant for Shell International. He later established a global information management consultancy, which under his leadership grew to 300 staff.

Philip Howard

Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research
As Research Director of Bloor Research, Philip Howard specializes in databases, data management, data integration, data migration, data quality, data federation, master data management, data governance, metadata management and data warehousing. In other words: anything to do with the infrastructure of data. He also has interests in (complex) event (stream) processing and in enterprise spreadsheet management. Additionally, Howard contributes to a variety of industry publications and Philip speaks regularly at conferences and other events throughout Europe and North America.

Evan Levy, Partner and co-founder, Baseline Consulting
Evan Levy is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a technology and management consulting firm specializing in business analytics and data integration. Evan is actively involved in guiding projects and delivering solutions to Baseline's Fortune 1000 family of clients and has delivered data integration strategies at companies like Microsoft, American Express, and Verizon. Considered an industry leader on the topic of data integration and management, Evan advises vendors and VC firms on new and emerging product strategies. He is a faculty member of The Data Warehousing Institute and a contributor to several leading industry publications and portals. Evan also writes the Inside IT blog on Baseline's website. He is co-author of the book Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth which was the first book published on the topic of master data management.

William McKnight

William McKnight, Senior Vice President, Information Management, CSI
William is the Senior Vice President, Information Management for Conversion Services International, Inc. (CSI), a premier leading provider of a new category of professional services focusing on strategic consulting, data warehousing, business intelligence and information technology management solutions. William is an award-winning IT executive in data warehousing, has a monthly column in DM Review and frequently keynotes and speaks on the subjects of DW/BI internationally. He serves as a judge for industry awards, is an active DW practitioner and is an expert for SearchDataManagement.com's Ask the Expert feature.

Mark Smith, CEO & Executive Vice President of Research, Ventana Research
Mark is responsible for the overall direction of Ventana Research and drives the global research agenda covering both business and technology areas. He defined the blueprint for Information Management and Performance Management as the linking together of people, processes, information and technology across organizations to drive effective results. Mark is an expert in technology for business from Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics to Information Management across finance, operations and IT. As an industry veteran with more than 22 years of experience, Mark worked at companies including SAP, META Group, Oracle and IRI Software before founding Ventana Research. He has experience across major industries including banking, consumer products, food and beverage, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail and consumer services.

Mark Whitehorn, Co-founder, PenguinSoft Consulting, Ltd.
Dr. Mark Whitehorn specializes in the areas of data analysis, data modeling, data warehousing and business intelligence (BI). Mark is the co-founder of U.K.-based PenguinSoft Consulting Ltd. and works with national and international companies, designing databases and BI systems. In addition to his consultancy practice, he is a well-recognized commentator on the computer world, publishing about 150,000 words a year, which appear in the form of articles, white papers and books. His database column in PCW has been running for 15 years, his BI column in Server Management magazine for five. He has written nine books on database and BI technology. The first one, Inside Relational Databases has been selling well since it was published in 1997 and is now in its third edition. It has also been translated into three languages, other than English. The most recent book is about MDX (a language for manipulating multi-dimensional data structures) and was co-written with the original architect of the language -- Mosha Pasumansky. Mark has also worked as an associate with QA-IQ since 2000. He developed the company's database analysis and design course as well as its data warehousing course and he also teaches, on average, about five courses a year for the company.

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