Master data management: Practical advice for getting started

Get expert advice and best practices for getting started on a master data management program (MDM), in a video interview with Evan Levy.

Master data management: Practical advice for getting started Featuring Evan Levy, Partner & Co-Founder, Baseline...


Master data management (MDM) promises to help businesses overcome some of their greatest challenges. Fundamentally, MDM systems unify disparate reference data across an enterprise and provide a single record for all core data -- including data about customers, products, employees, locations, transactions and partners. The rationale behind MDM is simple: consistent, accessible, clean and accurate data makes for improved reporting and increased profitability. But many organizations report that getting started with MDM isn't easy.

In this videocast, MDM expert Evan Levy discusses what MDM is, how to get a program started and best practices for MDM success.

This was last published in November 2007

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