MDM for the Enterprise -- New York City

Get strategic and tactical advice for master data management programs and software evaluations in expert presentations from the MDM for the Enterprise seminar series.

Master data management (MDM) is a challenging discipline -- but you can benefit from the experiences of experts and early adopters presenting at TechTarget's Enterprise Applications Seminar, MDM for the Enterprise. This one-day seminar offers MDM insight and implementation best practices from industry luminaries and experienced practitioners. These MDM presentations are offered only to those who attended the seminar in New York City on May 20, 2008, and sum up tactical and strategic action items for getting MDM programs off to a successful start.


  • Get in the Game: Launching a Successful MDM Program
    Speaker: Jill Dyché, Partner and Co-Founder, Baseline Consulting
    Description:Find out how to get started with MDM -- from understanding the value proposition to learning how to launch an MDM program that has traction. In this presentation, find out how to plan, scope and design the program to support incumbent technology and cultural environments, while at the same time driving changes to data quality, deployment, and business decision making. Learn how to create an MDM roadmap that enlists executive sponsorship and secures funding. Hear about using MDM as a springboard for introducing data governance and data management practices and learn more about distinguishing the unique components of MDM in order to differentiate its purpose and its value.
    For more information: Key master data management concepts: Get ready to take action


  • Bullet-proof MDM: Designing a World-class Development Environment
    Speaker: Evan Levy, Partner and Co-Founder, Baseline Consulting
    Description: Levy offers advice and strategies to help you "bullet proof" your MDM plan. This presentation helps you discover the components of a solid MDM architecture that can work within your current infrastructure and leverage existing technologies and processes. Find out how to determine the skills and experience you will need to jump-start your MDM program and get expert advice on structuring a discrete MDM development team, as well as identifying ancillary teams for collaboration and support.
    For more information: MDM tutorial, featuring advice for business cases, implementations and technology selections


  • Anatomy of a Successful MDM Project: The Nationwide Insurance Experience

  • Speaker: Lance Dacre, Director of Data Governance, Nationwide Insurance
    Description: Find out about MDM firsthand from an experienced practitioner. Nationwide Insurance began an MDM initiative a few years ago to improve the availability, comparability, efficiency and effectiveness of financial data used for enterprise analysis and reporting. Its FOCUS program successfully consolidated multiple financial data repositories and helped Nationwide establish a strong data governance program. Now, the company is expanding the program to other departments and data domains. In this session, you'll get firsthand advice, best practices and cautions for successfully implementing an MDM program.
    For more information: Nationwide Insurance implements master data management program


  • Data Governance: Setting Goals, Setting Roles, Getting It Right

  • Speakers: Jill Dyché and Evan Levy, Partners and Co-Founders, Baseline Consulting
    Description: Data governance is often cited as a prerequisite for MDM, but data governance should ultimately evolve to become an enterprise program in its own right. The challenge is setting up an effective data governance structures, methods and roles to not only support MDM but to serve the business for the long-term. This session explores the right way to launch a data governance program, how to position data stewardship and data management to support data governance, how the business and IT should align around data governance, top considerations for forming a data governance council and six steps for designing data governance.
    For more information: Data governance: How to get started and find success


  • Customer Data Quality Platform Enabling Master Data Management

  • Speaker: Navin Sharma, Pitney Bowes
    Description: Event sponsor Pitney Bowes Group 1 describes its customer data quality platform, which can support MDM projects with functions for data integration, data profiling, data quality, geospatial data analysis and enrichment. Learn how Pitney Bowes can be part of an MDM ecosystem, and find out about a successful case study at a B2B technology provider.
    For more information: Data quality management and governance tutorial


  • Top 10 Master Data Management Mistakes

  • Speaker: Siperian
    Description: Event sponsor Siperian Corp. develops MDM Hub technology, and has customers across eight industries and two continents. Find out more about the software vendor's MDM platform technology -- and learn the top 10 mistakes they've seen from organizations attempting to implement MDM.
    For more information: MDM market trends and expert forecast for 2008

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