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Inside the Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform

The Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform helps organizations access, discover, cleanse and integrate data from disparate data sources.

The Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform addresses data integration initiatives, including business intelligence, data warehousing, data migration and cloud application integration. It also can be used to leverage big data integration, data cleansing and master data management.

PowerCenter can be integrated with an extensive catalog of products for expanded capabilities in big data management, cloud integration, data quality, data security, data governance and master data management.

The Data Integration Hub and PowerExchange products are often used in conjunction with PowerCenter. Hub is an add-on to PowerCenter, as well as an independent product. It provides both publish and subscribe and near-real-time processing with centralized management that can be coupled with Informatica's products that support extract, transform, load (ETL);big data; and cloud integration. PowerExchange, which is also an add-on, provides connectivity to structured, unstructured and semi-structured data; applications such as enterprise resource planning and CRM; on-premises and cloud sources; messaging systems; web services; proprietary systems such as mainframes, midrange systems and data appliances; and social media.

What are the key features of PowerCenter?

In addition to the features noted above, this platform offers the following: 

  • Team-based design, development and administration features that enable use on multiple projects and long-term versioning of integration applications.
  • Connectivity and transformations that work with numerous source and target systems.
  • Development productivity tools that enable data profiling, application prototyping and testing validation.
  • A repository that captures, displays and administers process and design metadata.
  • A glossary and role-based tools that enable business and IT to define and govern business terms and definitions.

Key enhancements in the latest version, 10.1, include faster data lineage analysis to support better governance and code management, as well as expanded data ingestion from sources such as Oracle Exadata, SAP HANA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Vertica, and enhanced data discovery and profiling.

Who benefits from using PowerCenter?

Informatica's products are oriented to large enterprises, especially those with multiple integration uses and projects and those that plan to continue to expand resulting integration applications.

Informatica's cloud integration products can also be used by midsize companies that subscribe to cloud applications such as Salesforce and Workday. Large enterprises often combine PowerCenter with other Informatica products such as Cloud Data Integration, Data Quality and Big Data, to support hybrid integration uses.

What editions of PowerCenter data integration are available?

PowerCenter is offered in standard, advanced and premium editions. All editions include ETL batch data integration; centralized administration; prototyping; data profiling; and basic connectivity to relational, batch and the Open Database Connectivity API. The advanced and premium editions offer metadata manager, business glossary, enterprise grid and real-time engine. The premium edition offers advanced data transformation, data validation and proactive monitoring.

The Informatica data integration platform can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud using Informatica Cloud Data Integration, or in a hybrid fashion, leveraging Data Integration Hub.

Informatica provides a free downloadable version of its PowerCenter Express ETL tool. This product is limited to 100,000 rows processed per day, but can be upgraded to a Professional version without any row constraints for $8,000 per year per developer subscription. For detailed pricing information on other PowerCenter products, contact Informatica.   

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