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Inside the Informatica Master Data Management portfolio

Informatica Master Data Management is aimed at helping sales, marketing and customer service teams ensure they're working from the most relevant and accurate data available.

Informatica Master Data Management is part of the company's Intelligent Data Platform. It's designed to make data discovery and compliance easier for business analysts. This data management portfolio of applications benefits organizations that need to create a central, single version of their business data that resides in different applications, business units and third-party systems.

Informatica Master Data Management includes six applications: Business Process Management (BPM), Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce, Identity and Management, MDM Business Applications, Multi Domain MDM, and Product 360 (Product Information Management, or PIM).

How does the tool support data governance tasks?

The two main features aimed at business users are the graphical user interfaces tailored for different types of data access (e.g., sales and product data) and customizable workflows to suit each business user's requirements.

Because Informatica Master Data Management is part of the company's Intelligent Data Platform ecosystem, some core governance-related capabilities aren't available in the MDM product line but are available in separate product lines. For instance, the Data Security tool handles data masking and data archiving, while the Data Quality tool handles business rule definitions, business glossary, metadata management, search and discovery, and data profiling.

Informatica Master Data Management includes the following four services that customers need, either together or in some combination, to successfully perform data management and governance tasks:

Identity discovers connections between people by searching databases and systems, which is important for security as well as collaboration. This component provides tools for managing risk and ensuring compliance with various government regulations such as Basel II. It includes smart indexing and key-building algorithms to handle variations in identity data, multilanguage record matching and real-time search.

The Multi Domain MDM product is a key application for organizations with multiple data domains and applications. It enables a company to begin with whatever data domain it wants and add others as needed. Multi Domain MDM models complex relationships within related data domains (such as customer-to-customer or product-to-product) and also across domains (such as customer-to-product).

Informatica BPM provides the process automation and application integration required to tie together users, systems and processes. While not a governance function, per se, it would be difficult to successfully govern multiple data systems without the integration provided by BPM. It also provides support for hybrid integration of cloud and on-premises systems. BPM comes in several editions, including options for MDM and PIM.

And lastly, several business applications provide the business interface to MDM data, with configurable business processes and prepackaged business rules required to ensure that different types of users have the access to data and systems that their roles require. Products currently listed under business applications include Supplier 360 for supply chain management, Product 360 for PIM and Procurement. Another business application that's listed separately is the Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce Data.

How do organizations benefit from using Informatica's software?

The software helps organizations ensure compliance with government and industry data requirements. Its focus is on business users who need to be sure the data they use is the most relevant and accurate available, and that they're using it in a compliant manner. Informatica's data governance and management applications are designed for sales, marketing and customer service departments, as well as anyone undertaking a big data project. Informatica's various offerings are used by companies in the banking and investment industries, as well as the insurance, healthcare, public sector and retail industries.

Informatica's data management products are available in both licensed and cloud versions. Informatica MDM Cloud is the newest edition of the software, released in June 2016, and runs as a hosted service on Amazon Web Services.

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