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Inside CA Technologies' database performance management products

CA Technologies offers an array of database performance management products for DB2 for z/OS and a scalable system and network monitoring product for distributed databases.

CA Technologies offers database performance management tools for DB2 for z/OS that address the overall database management system, as well as database structures and SQL performance. The company also supports distributed systems database performance management via its Unified Infrastructure Management, or UIM, network and system management product line.

CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS allows users to monitor subsystems and applications. The product's capabilities include real-time DB2 subsystem and thread activity, historical tracking, online and batch reporting, and an enhanced EXPLAIN facility. DBAs can set thresholds and monitor exceptions; identify expensive processes; and customize the product, creating new displays and reports using the Insight Query Language.

CA offers two products for managing database structural performance: CA Database Analyzer and CA Rapid Reorg. Database Analyzer collects information on DB2 database structures and offers suggested improvements. DBAs can use this information to schedule database reorganization only when needed. CA Rapid Reorg can further improve the process of reclaiming space used by dropped tables, reclustering data, removing overflow pointers, re-establishing free space, rebalancing index trees and reducing the number of index levels required. The product can be used to reorg DB2 table spaces and indexes while the applications remain online.

For SQL and application performance, CA offers the CA SQL Performance Suite for DB2 for z/OS. This suite consists of CA Detector for identifying high-resource-consuming SQL statements and CA Plan Analyzer for examining the SQL and offering suggestions to improve its performance. CA also offers database performance tools for IMS, a pre-relational hierarchical database management system (DBMS) on the mainframe.

For distributed DBMSes, CA provides probes for its UIM product. UIM is a system and network management product capable of monitoring and managing performance and availability across complex environments. It's modular and scalable, enabling an organization to assemble a performance management architecture customized to its needs and with the ability to grow as their infrastructure changes.

UIM's unified views and dashboards provide an easy, out-of-the-box implementation that delivers visibility into all of an organization's IT systems, networks and services. It offers predictive analytics that can proactively identify issues before users experience problems. The business metric monitoring capabilities enable data sources to be aggregated to provide integrated views of critical business services that are impacting customers. And UIM's Multi-tenant architecture can scale for large numbers of clients.

UIM is designed to support Agile operations and can be configured with out-of-the-box monitoring for more than 140 technologies. Probes, purchased as add-on units, provide performance management capabilities for the technologies of interest to your organizations, including multiple UIM probes for database performance management. For example, the JDBC SQL Queries Response Monitoring probe monitors the connection to Java Database Connectivity databases. This probe executes custom SQL queries to database servers through the JDBC client interface and measures the response time. It supports monitoring SQL queries on IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database and PostgreSQL.

CA also offers UIM probes that provide in-depth DBMS system performance metrics for IBM DB2 for LUW, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database and SAP Sybase ASE. Although the exact performance details returned by each of these probes differs, the type of information provided will include things such as configuration details, uptime metrics, buffer and cache hit ratio, memory allocation, locking and deadlock details, and CPU and I/O utilization.

UIM probes are also available for other DBMS and data-related products, including Hadoop, Cassandra and Amazon Relational Database Services. A baseline engine is also available as a probe that can be used for establishing and monitoring against baselines.

Licensing, pricing and support

CA's DB2 database performance management products are licensed based on the size of the machine or logical partition where they run. Pricing is based on mainframe MSUs (millions service units). CA also offers an enterprise site license option. Support (24/7) is offered online and by phone.

The UIM framework must be licensed as well as each individual probe for the platforms and DBMSes that will be managed by UIM. A 30-day nonproduction free trial is available without maintenance and support. CA offers subscription license or perpetual and maintenance license options. Support is offered via the CA UIM Customer Support Portal.

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