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Improve data management and quality with SAP Master Data Governance

SAP Master Data Governance offers a variety of features for managing master data assets and associated data terms and policies from a single, central location.

SAP Master Data Governance is a repository-oriented data governance tool designed to support an enterprise's master data quality and data policy management needs. Organizations can identify and manage key data assets using customized metadata and glossary terms, establish data policies and rules, define data ownership, and easily trace their data's lineage.

SAP Master Data Governance offers a single platform for all enterprise data governance needs. The platform provides a centralized, interactive repository for managing an organization's data assets and associated terminology and data governance policies and rules. It also provides features for roles-based workflow management and data stewardship. When combined, these features help enterprises better manage their data assets, making accessing and maintaining their assets simple and intuitive for both business and IT users.

How does the software support data governance tasks?

At the heart of SAP Master Data Governance is its data repository, which can be created and maintained in the platform's Information Policy Management tool. There, enterprises are able to create, maintain, manage, track, and update new and existing master data assets from a single and central location. Storing data in the repository ensures that users searching for and accessing it are interacting with the most accurate and current assets and helps improve the traceability of assets, especially when updating or fully replacing outdated versions. Its additional features for data profiling and metadata detailing also help enterprises ensure that their assets are maintained according to their specific needs. SAP Master Data Governance also provides features for data terminology and policy management. Organizations can establish and centralize common data and business terms for enterprise-wide consistency that is accessible by all users.

The platform also features tools for workflow management and data stewardship. Users can be assigned roles -- such as administrator, user, author, reviewer or approver -- based on their positional needs and the organization's desired access level for them; customized workflows can also be assigned to these roles as well. Additionally, the platform provides preconfigured, roles-based user interfaces and workflow templates that can be used immediately upon deployment. And to further prevent duplicate work and help keep employees on-task, a centralized work list can be established and maintained in the platform that provides users with the process statuses of ongoing data governance-related tasks. Automatic email notifications can even be set up based on user role and triggering event, such as an approaching due date or failed data return notice.

User roles in SAP Master Data Governance can also double as a means of assigning data stewardship roles within the organization. Assigned data stewards can access tools for financial impact analysis and "what if" analysis to report on and connect their data quality and data governance initiatives with their enterprise's overall financial ROI. These tools can help enterprises recognize which areas of their overall governance strategy are sound and which areas need improvement. Enhanced stewardship features can be found separately in SAP Information Steward.

Who benefits from using SAP Master Data Governance?

The platform is suitable for companies of all sizes. With a wide range of data governance and management features in a single software product, SAP Master Data Governance lets enterprises control their data-related activity without the need for multiple platforms. This helps reduce confusion regarding data asset locations and internal management practices. SAP Master Data Governance also integrates with other existing SAP platforms.

How is SAP Master Data Governance licensed and priced?

The software can be deployed on-premises or via private cloud -- on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. It can be installed server side on AIX, HP-UX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows and z/OS OSes and accessed client-side via most web browsers. The platform can be purchased directly from SAP, and pricing is based on the number of data objects managed and the number of users. Contact SAP directly for more specific information and available options. SAP offers a wide variety of support services for enterprises and users on premises and in the cloud.

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