Getting started with a customer data integration implementation

Get advice for starting a customer data integration (CDI) implementation and learn best practices for success, from CDI expert Evan Levy.

Getting started with a customer data integration implementation
Featuring Evan Levy, Partner & Co-Founder, Baseline Consulting

Customer data integration (CDI), as part of an enterprise master data management (MDM) program, involves managing customer data across all sources to present a current, "single view of the customer." An effective CDI project implementation begins with recognizing a business problem, usually of financial value, that needs solving, according to Even Levy, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting. Although many organizations recognize the business value of CDI, some hesitate when it comes to getting a CDI project started.

In this videocast, CDI expert Evan Levy discusses what CDI is, how to get a program started and best practices for CDI success.

This was last published in September 2008

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