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Examining the iWay Integration Suite for real-time data integration

The iWay Integration Suite from Information Builders enables organizations to integrate diverse data sources, including legacy hardware or software platforms.

The iWay Integration Suite from Information Builders provides both application and data integration capabilities, enabling organizations to manage both structured and unstructured information. The suite includes iWay DataMigrator, iWay Service Manager and iWay Universal Adapter Framework.

DataMigrator is based on an extract, transform, load architecture used to support the creation and maintenance of target databases such as data warehouses, data marts and operational data stores. Service Manager provides real-time monitoring of more than 300 sources using a message-based, service-oriented architecture. These products support bulk load, batch, real-time, cloud, messaging and web services. They also provide users with big data integration, data quality and master data management (MDM) capabilities. The iWay Integration Suite change data capture (CDC) capabilities support both batch and real-time monitoring of changes in a variety of data sources.

IWay's Universal Adapter Framework provides more than 300 prebuilt adapters connecting data sources, applications and business-to-business exchange formats. In addition to providing connectivity for the integration suite product, these adapters are bundled in many other software vendors' products.

What are the key features of iWay Integration Suite?

The suite includes:

  • Support for extensive data integration transformations, integration workflows, data profiling and data dictionary capabilities.
  • Connectivity to databases, files and applications as either sources or targets in integration tasks using open database connectivity, Java Database Connectivity, extensible markup language, IBM WebSphere MQ or the prebuilt adapters mentioned above. Bidirectional update connectivity is available for many data sources.
  • Administrative tools that manage the design, creation, testing, deployment and operation of integration processes.
  • Sophisticated CDC functionality along with integration with data quality and MDM tools. 
  • Support for compliance reporting and regulatory guidelines, such as electronic data interchange standards, including ANSI X12 and EDIFACT; as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; the Society for the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication network; and Health Level Seven International standards.

Key enhancements in the latest version, iWay 7, include iWay Service Manager running under Apache Hadoop YARN, which enables interaction with the Hadoop ecosystem. Enhanced monitoring and improved error handling help achieve better deployment and management of integration processes. The latest version also provides a single development environment, which enables users to create and manage projects across integration products.

Who uses iWay Integration Suite?

The iWay Integration Suite tool set is deployed in midmarket-to-large enterprises for a variety of use cases, including business intelligence implementations, MDM, data quality and data governance. It's often used by organizations that need to integrate diverse data sources, including legacy hardware or software platforms.

What editions of iWay Integration Suite are available?

The iWay Integration Suite can be purchased standalone or as part of Omni-Gen, bundled with the iWay Data Quality Suite and iWay Master Data Management Suite. In addition, it can work in unison with iWay Big Data Integration Suite or the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform. For detailed pricing information on other iWay products, contact Information Builders.

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