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Adaptive Metadata Manager helps manage enterprise data governance

The Adaptive Metadata Manager data governance tool helps organizations institute enterprise-wide data policies and lets users access, manage and analyze important data assets.

Metadata Manager from Adaptive Inc. is a repository-oriented data governance tool that helps organizations manage and maintain data and associated policies and rules. The software lets users identify the main sources of data within their organization, so they can better interpret, analyze and improve how this data is stored, moved, searched for and updated.

Adaptive Metadata Manager is designed to help organizations better understand the relationships that link their data assets. The software provides features for data management, lineage analytics, and workflow and collaboration. This helps enterprises better understand their data assets and makes creating, accessing and updating them easier. Metadata Manager also includes Adaptives Business Glossary Manager, which organizations can use to establish and enact enterprise-wide data policies and rules that benefit their overall data governance strategy.

How does the software support data governance tasks?

Adaptive Metadata Manager provides a browser-based interface that lets users create, modify and manage their organization's data assets, data glossaries and associated metadata. Users can quickly and easily search for master data assets and established data policies, helping to eliminate downtime and ensure all data in the system is accurate and up to company standards. Adaptive's data governance tool aligns business and IT employees regarding data quality and data governance practices, and ensures all employees are accessing accurate information.

Metadata Manager lets users collaborate on data definitions and analytical reports. Interactive dashboards help users easily organize and search for data and reports. The latest version, 7.1, provides improved search and navigation functionalities that help enterprises reduce time wasted by employees searching for the proper data asset or definition. Users can easily parse the metadata associated with their data assets to report on the traceability of these assets, as well as perform end-to-end lineage analytics to better understand how their data is managed. The software also features social collaboration tools for users to communicate with each other on items stored in the system. It integrates with the Microsoft Office suite of programs to allow for enhanced communication and search capabilities for businesses that use those programs.

Adaptive's Business Glossary Manager comes standard with Metadata Manager version 7.1. Business Glossary Manager can be used for defining and managing corporate data terminology and semantics, and ensuring these various items are aligned enterprise-wide. The tool can be used to map whether or not an organization's in-house policies and terminology align with industry compliance standards. Business Glossary Manager can again be business and IT employees.

Who benefits from using Adaptive Metadata Manager?

The software is designed for midsize and large enterprises. By providing a single location for users to manage both data assets and the governance policies associated with them, Adaptive Metadata Manager helps enterprises to eliminate confusion among employees about how and where data is stored and the manner -- via policies and terminology -- in which it's done. Its analytics features assist organizations in identifying and addressing weak points in their data-related operations, which in turn helps them improve their overall data management and data governance plan.

How is Adaptive Metadata Manager licensed and priced?

The software is available as an on-premises platform installed server-side or as a hosted cloud service. Users access the platform client-side via web browser. Pricing is based on source data and the number of users; contact Adaptive for more specific information. Adaptive also offers support services for implementation, training and maintenance at enterprise scale.

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