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A look inside the Talend Enterprise Data Integration tool

Talend Enterprise Data Integration is available as open source for the budget conscious or as an enterprise version, which provides more extensive integration capabilities.

Talend Inc., a software company based in Redwood City, Calif., offers data integration products supporting various delivery styles, including bulk load, batch, cloud, messaging and data services. Talend Enterprise Data Integration is the base product in the company's portfolio, while Open Studio for Data Integration is its open source offering.

The enterprise version works independently or with the other products in Talend's portfolio. Open Studio can be used on its own and imported into Talend Enterprise Data Integration. The products can enable big data integration, data profiling, data quality and master data management (MDM).

Talend Enterprise Data Integration is based on an extract, load and transform architecture that leverages the capabilities of both the source and target databases used in data integration processes. This architecture enables the product to leverage the functionality, scalability and performance capabilities of relational database management systems.

Key features include:

  • Support for extensive data integration transformations and complex process workflows.
  • Connectivity to more than 900 different databases, files and applications as either sources or targets for integration tasks.
  • Repository-based development tools that manage the design, creation, testing, deployment and operation of integration processes.
  • Integration project support with team-based collaboration, release management and tool-based generated documentation.

Version 6 includes a revised development user interface, which improves developer productivity. It also provides project development capabilities that incorporate a distributed revision control system (GitHub), automated testing (Junit) and faster builds with Apache Maven. In addition, this version provides new big data capabilities that support Apache Spark and Spark streaming along with new or enhanced connections to Hadoop, NoSQL and cloud-based databases and applications.

Who uses Talend?

Small-to-medium-sized businesses to midmarket organizations typically deploy Talend Enterprise Data Integration for business integration and data warehousing, while larger enterprises may use other Talend products such as Integration Cloud, Big Data Integration, MDM, Data Quality, Data Services Platform and Enterprise Service Bus for a variety of integration use cases.

Many enterprises use Talend's open source Open Studio for Data Integration either because they have limited integration needs but prefer to avoid writing custom-coded integration, or because they're leveraging the free option to explore Talend's integration functionality. The Open Studio-generated integration processes can be imported and used in Talend Enterprise Data Integration, enabling an easy migration path.

What editions of Enterprise Data Integration are available?

Talend Enterprise Data Integration can be purchased standalone or as part of Talend Data Fabric, which includes the Data Integration, Big Data Integration, Data Services Platform, Integration Cloud, Application Integration and MDM products. Other integration products can be purchased individually and used with Talend Enterprise Data Integration to target a specific set of integration use cases.

The product is deployed on-premises, but can be integrated with cloud applications and databases, as well. Talend Enterprise Data Integration can be used in conjunction with the Talend Integration Cloud product for expanded cloud application and database interoperability.

How is the product licensed and priced?

Talend Enterprise Data Integration is priced as an annual subscription per developer seat. For detailed pricing information, contact the vendor.   

Talend offers 30-day, fully functional trials of all its standalone integration products. It also offers free open source versions of Data Integration; Open Studio for Data Integration; and its other products, such as Big Data, Data Quality, Enterprise Service Bus and MDM. Open Studio for Data Integration provides a subset of data integration capabilities with Talend Enterprise Data Integration, offering expanded transformations, repository-based management and team-based development functionality. 

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