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February 2013

Introducing Pluggable Database, the star of Oracle Database 12c

The next edition of Oracle Database is set to hit shelves by June, with officials saying there are more than 500 improvements. But most of the attention on Oracle Database 12c will be showered on Pluggable Database, a feature that could arguably redefine database virtualization. Oracle Corp. announced the upcoming release at its OpenWorld conference last fall, so users have been able to examine 12c's features for several months. Because database adoption and upgrades tend to be long, gradual -- and potentially disruptive -- processes, Oracle Database users tend to adopt new versions slowly. This one will be no exception. In's reader survey last year, for example, there were more people running Oracle Database 10g, released in 2005, than 11g, released in 2007. Plug it in, Plug it in Pluggable Database is the most talked-about feature in Oracle Database 12c, and for good reason. Extending virtualization concepts to the database level, it should ease the burden of managing database sprawl. The feature has two ...

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