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February 2013

Upward mobility? Today mobile business apps only go so far

With more people working away from the office, mobile technology is hot in the business world, and the number of business functions mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can support is growing by the day. But does the trend end with employees in the field and jet-setting execs, or is something bigger in mobile’s future? Something like, say, the entire business?

Running all of a company’s critical systems on mobile devices might not be such a far-out concept, in fact—and whether it’s really feasible is just what the inaugural issue of Business Information aims to find out. We’ll also look at a more humble first step to mobile domination—integrating mobile systems with traditional systems so the business can have sales and corporate info at the ready at all times. Also in this issue, learn about BI trends you can expect to hear more about in 2013 and get the latest on the upcoming Oracle 12c database.

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