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May 2015

With database management tools, never settle

Think for a moment about the term database management system. It strings together Latin and Greek derivatives. It has eight syllables. Now think about the technology behind the words. It powers operational and analytics applications; it's the very source of business livelihood. For human beings, a comparable resource comes to mind: water. One Anglo-Saxon word, two syllables.  Jason Sparapani The colorless initialism DBMS also fails to get across the fundamental purpose database systems serve. Their importance should never be understated -- and neither should evaluating the different categories before making a purchase. The wrong choice can leave your data-driven business operations feeling parched. In this special edition of Business Information, data management consultant and author Craig S. Mullins gives advice on today's database product market. It's not the one of 30, 20, 10 or even five years ago, when the relational database was essentially the only database in town. Today, large-scale Web applications, streaming video and...

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