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December 2013, Volume 1, Number 6

Social business, collaboration take the enterprise into uncharted waters

Social media has already set sail, and organizations have been trying to keep pace. At first, some barely treaded water, and others were pulled under by social's powerful currents. But the prospects of a land of business benefits -- keeping tabs on customers' wants and needs, expanding into new markets and ultimately boosting the bottom line -- were too tempting to turn back to familiar shores, even when goodies like return on investments seemed farfetched.

In this issue of Business Information, we follow the voyage to value, examining how the Red Cross used social media to determine where victims are in crises. We look at the American Cancer Society, which started seeing evidence of ROI. And we explore social BPM, which blends business process management software with social media capabilities, delve into the philosophical side of "social collaboration" -- using social networking technology to share information and work together -- and look at the role human resources could play in the world of social business.

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