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June 2015, Volume 3, Number 3

Sales intelligence tools shape strategies, customer experience

Sales intelligence is making brainiacs out of sales reps. As companies look for ways to capture the attention of customers new and old, many are turning to analytics tools and data to help seal the deal.

Some use data to shape sales strategies and discover what makes a successful pitch -- or perhaps more important, what doesn't. In the cover story of this issue of Business Information, Stephan Blendstrup, senior director of global sales at software company Zendesk, says the thing he wants to know the most is "why aren’t my leads converting into sales?"

Sales representatives have always needed to know as much as possible about customers before approaching them. But now, sales intelligence makes it easier to know more. As companies do business, many collect information on customer interests and use that data to shape future sales pitches. Some can put that information to more immediate use. Freelancer Ashley Smith illustrates this with examples of customer personalization, such as the case of fashion site, which tailors its content for each shopper.

Also in this issue, executive editor David Essex explains the money-making possibilities of yet another as-a-service offering: product as a service; resident CIO columnist Celso Mello shares why salespeople need to be persuaded of the importance of CRM projects; analyst Jack Gold ponders a future in which wearable technology helps workers do their jobs more efficiently; and executive editor Craig Stedman looks at the involvement of a seemingly unlikely participant in the analytics process: corporate lawyers tasked with protecting data from misuse.

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