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Special Edition, September 2013

Deploying big data software calls for more than idle talk

Big data is well into the IT hype cycle -- to the point where even some vendors and consultants looking to capitalize on deployments of big data software and hardware are getting tired of the term. At the 2013 edition of the Pacific Northwest BI Summit, an annual gathering of about 20 vendor executives and technology consultants in Grants Pass, Ore., fun was had at the expense of the moniker big data during a session on the topic. For example, Shawn Rogers of consulting and research company Enterprise Management Associates said that the classic three V's definition -- volume, velocity and variety -- "has been beaten to death" at this point. "It just defines big data as an analyst hobby," Rogers said, to general approval. But there are real big data projects going on out there, in lots of companies. And by now, efforts to deploy big data technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases may be putting your organization through the ringer. If so, it's high time to rinse out some of the hype and look at big data management and ...

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