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June 2014, Volume 2, Number 3

New technologies put fresh spin on records management

The volume of information aggregating in enterprises today has prompted a business-critical mission for record managers everywhere. And with social media "records" only adding to the myriad forms of documentation on record managers' plates, it's time to take advantage of the new technologies available.

Easy to write, hard to do. In the feature story in this issue of Business Information, SearchContentManagement Executive Editor Lauren Horwitz explains why technology trends, and the consumerization of IT services, have opened records managers up to a host of daunting expectations -- with digitizing records topping the list. The influx of information, and new formats for unstructured data like social media conversations, will only be stanched by better information governance. In fact, for Steve Goodfellow, of consultancy Access Systems Inc., "the term record is dead."

Also in this issue, we drill down on whether R -- the open source programming language for developing statistical analyses, predictive analytics models and data visualizations -- lives up to the Gartner Magic Quadrant "visionary" hype. Next, News Director Mark Fontecchio offers up an in-depth analysis of whether SQL Server 2014's in-memory processing option -- a performance-boosting capability that has become a new focal point for competition in the database market -- is indicative of a future where SQL Server topples Oracle in the database market.

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