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August 2014, Volume 2, Number 4

Keep best practices in place for data-intensive cloud apps

Best practices don't go out the window when new technologies come in, advises a long-time technology leader working to implement data-intensive cloud applications. This goes for new database types just as it does for any new technology adoption, according to Marc Firenze, chief technology officer at Eagle Investment Systems LLC, a subsidiary of financial services firm BNY Mellon. He said that the class of "NewSQL" databases that try to combine the best of relational and non-relational styles have promise, particularly for cloud applications, but they need to be carefully integrated into existing development processes. "NewSQL DB technology -- it's like any new technology. You have to realize that you are introducing something new," said Firenze. "Whatever practices you use to do that -- keep them in place." For Firenze and his team, the latest twist on data management architecture coincides with adoption of cloud architecture. He and his Eagle colleagues are implementing VoltDB, an in-memory NewSQL database that supports key ...

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