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August 2014, Volume 2, Number 4

New talent management software transforming HR

Human resources departments have long been associated with rubber stamps and reams of paper forms. But new talent management software -- technology that helps organizations recruit, compensate, evaluate and train workers -- is lifting them out of the drudgery. It is helping HR become a strategic part of the business -- one that hires talented people, builds their skills and ultimately builds the business.

In this issue of Business Information, Executive Editor David Essex and Emma Snider, former SearchFinancialApplications associate site and news editor, detail the talent management software implementations at a slew of organizations. They take a hard look at how CEOs and HR managers are taking advantage of new talent management software -- to do everything from eliminating paper to improving business process transparency for employees.

The issue looks at yet another area of HR: the cloud. SearchCloudApplications Executive Editor Jan Stafford reports on customers' experience with software from Workday. In it, Twitter is aflutter about internationalization features. And Hewlett-Packard harmonized business processes throughout its global business -- 175 countries.

And in our "Connect IT" advice and insight column, analyst China Martens reflects on the coming changes for cloud-based enterprise application development -- and how the likes of Infor, and SAP plan to focus on vertical applications.

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