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February 2016, Volume 4, Number 1

HR metrics and analytics bring opportunity, concerns

HR personnel oversee many of the perks that come with a job, such as paychecks and benefits; the elements that most people would rather avoid, such as firings and employee conflicts; and all things in between, such as education and training. Now, thanks to analytics tools, HR's role in recruiting and retaining employees is changing.

HR can use metrics and analytics to identify top-performing employees and predict future success and behavior on the job. At convenience-store operator Wawa, SAP and Talent Analytics ran predictive explorations on employee flight risk, manager performance and career paths. HR metrics and analytics showed that "the amount of hours worked was a greater indicator of flight than the age of employees' or the community where they worked," explains news writer Dan Ring in this issue of Business Information.

Employee information, such as a person's willingness to stick around, is certainly useful to employers. But companies need to be conscious of privacy issues and take action to ensure that personal information isn't compromised. One way to protect employees is to eliminate specific details and just analyze general information, a strategy that analyst Tracey Smith suggested to a client and recounts to executive editor David Essex in another feature.

Also in this issue, check out the new look of the magazine. The cover prominently illustrates the two features and also displays the columns and departments. We've restructured the order of articles for a more enjoyable reading experience. Download the issue below, and let us know what you think.

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