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August 2015, Volume 3, Number 4

Take on cloud-to-cloud integration, and enjoy the results

In 2015, we're well past the novelty of cloud computing -- of having to lay out the benefits and prophesy on whether its future is bright or, um, cloudy. Today, more and more IT folks and businesspeople are working daily with cloud applications and infrastructure -- most likely in combination with traditional on-premises systems -- or they're putting them in place.  What's still on the horizon is the day when those often isolated systems can freely share their treasures of data. As reporter Joel Shore writes in this issue of Business Information, it's essential for companies to connect their disparate business and IT systems to make the most of their investments -- through ground-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud integration -- and gain a competitive advantage over less-connected rivals. The one with the seamless configuration wins: more efficiency, less waste, bigger returns. But the high road to integration isn't an easy one. Shore writes about Formaspace, a manufacturer of industrial and laboratory workbenches with good business ...

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