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August 2016, Volume 4, Number 4

Hadoop architectures propel wider move to data-driven analytics

Hadoop turned 10 this year by some historical measures: when it became an Apache subproject and was given a name, when the first Hadoop code was released, when the first users deployed that code. To mark the occasion(s), executives from big data vendors are giving the distributed processing framework gift-wrapped accolades for its impact on data management and analytics processes over the past decade. Not surprisingly, the celebrants include some of the people who played central roles in getting Hadoop off the ground. Doug Cutting, co-creator of the technology and now chief architect at Hadoop distribution vendor Cloudera, said Hadoop architectures have enabled businesses to "become much more data-driven -- and not on the periphery of organizations, but in the center." Fellow co-creator Mike Cafarella, a computer science professor and CEO of analytics startup Lattice Data, chimed in to say that before Hadoop, companies were "leaving huge amounts of really interesting [analytics] work on the table" because of the processing ...

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