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August 2016, Volume 4, Number 4

Business intelligence app integration, self-service deemed must-haves

Application integration and delivery used to be the domain of IT departments, but the iPhone generation of employees accustomed to seeing an app, downloading it and, with a few clicks, connecting it to data on their devices expect the same plug-and-play experience in the business world. Unfortunately, enterprise application integration isn't easy, particularly when it involves mixing cloud apps developed in the age of open APIs with proprietary business applications that may be highly customized. There's an entire market built around integration complexity, and it's filled with consultants and specialized tools to make application integrations work. That costly approach to app integration is changing because application silos limit the usefulness of data, said Sean Freeburger, managing director of business applications for Accenture's internal IT organization. Indeed, companies expect their enterprise apps to talk to one another and provide comprehensive business intelligence. That means even legacy vendors known for closed, ...

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