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June 2017, Vol. 5, No. 3

Data managers apply data governance principles on the sly

At Citizens Bank, data governance is the data management function that dare not speak its name. "I don't use the word governance," said Ursula Cottone, the bank's chief data officer (CDO). "It has a very 'policeman' connotation to it. Governance makes people cringe." That doesn't mean Cottone is ignoring data governance principles at Citizens -- far from it. Hired as CDO two years ago, she's leading the implementation of a unified strategy for managing and, yes, governing data enterprise-wide. The new approach includes an increased focus on data quality, metadata management and data stewardship processes, along with a Hadoop-based big data environment that provides a central repository for data from across the bank's business operations. But internally, Cottone just frames it all as data management. "It's not unlike financial management or risk management," she said. "They have governance as part of their processes, but they don't call it out. It's just part of what they do." Whispering about data governance Cottone certainly ...

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