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November 2015

Negotiating your way through the big data BI gauntlet

Big data analytics requires skilled business analysts and data scientists to be successful, but these professionals also need to be equipped with the proper tools of the trade. And the right tools can be equally as important as those gifted professionals striving to achieve the project's intended outcome. The techniques big data BI analytics tools provide aren't all that new. It's just that, until recently, the arena of tools and adopters has been, for good reason, relatively small. The processing and data storage demands of advanced analytics applications, not to mention the high cost, have limited their adoption to large companies with deep pockets. Fortunately, those once insurmountable barriers to acquiring and applying big data BI analytics tools have lowered dramatically. In the first feature of this special issue of Business Information, David Loshin, managing director at DecisionWorx, explains how the growing availability of big data platforms and less expensive analytics tools have made it possible for companies to ...

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  • Negotiating your way through the big data BI gauntlet

    by  Ron Karjian

    Big data analytics tools are more accessible and easier to use now than ever before, but factors such as product performance and corporate culture still enter into the decision-making process.