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November 2015

Choices widen for BI big data tools

Once upon a time not too long ago, when the term big data was born and bandied about, most companies viewed using big data as just a pipe dream. The processing demands, data storage needs and associated costs to integrate BI big data analytics software were just too great for most organizations to even consider. But that’s all changing. The benefits and competitive advantages afforded by big data analytics are no longer limited to big companies with big budgets.

In this special edition of Business Information, David Loshin walks readers through the buying process for big data analytics tools. In his first feature, Loshin writes that companies of all sizes now have greater access to big data platforms. Analytics tools are less expensive and easier to use now, to the point where even mainstream business users can manage massive amounts of BI data from multiple sources, make predictions and prescribe solutions.

But before investing in a BI big data analytics tool, Loshin advises companies to do some self-reflection. It’s not just about the applications; it’s also about a company’s mindset and culture, as Loshin explains in his second feature.

The decision-making process can be tedious, complex and time-consuming. Look to Loshin's third feature for advice on how to match your company's buying criteria with the right BI big data analytics product.

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  • Negotiating your way through the big data BI gauntlet

    by  Ron Karjian

    Big data analytics tools are more accessible and easier to use now than ever before, but factors such as product performance and corporate culture still enter into the decision-making process.

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