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December 2017, Vol. 5, No. 6

Business benefits of DevOps empower citizen developers

The mysteries once associated with coding and application development are gradually giving way to the forces of market demand for speed and simplicity. No sooner did we get somewhat comfortable with DevOps and what it means that a new wrinkle has developed. Enter business leaders, users and low-code platforms, and in a flash, the "developer" universe is a bit more crowded.

The December issue of Business Information opens with our editor's note and insight into the impetus behind this latest development, known as BizDevOps. Low-code and no-code platforms as well as modular technologies are smashing the slow, monolithic approach to app development and allowing businesspeople -- citizen developers -- to work with development and operations teams to produce custom apps more frequently and release them into the world a lot faster to remain competitive. Yet, the business benefits of DevOps can be too much of a good thing.

Along those lines, our cover story examines a nemesis that haunts most businesses -- app sprawl. Ironically, the method that makes app development easier and faster can actually help stall the sprawl. Several companies using citizen developers tell us the advantages of implementing low-code platforms with a slant toward business and customer needs. In another feature, we show how the business benefits of DevOps and microservices in mobile app development grease the skids for companies in the throes of their digital transformation.

Also in this issue, a well-known DevOps aficionado likens developing software to riding a skateboard, industry foot-soldiers sound off on the challenges of microservices, nontechnical developers earn their citizenship, traditional software developer jobs get less traditional, cloud communications technologies play a key role in digital-first companies and developer help wanted ads expand the definition of DevOps.

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