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April 2013, Volume 1, Number 2

The buzz: What are NoSQL databases?

NoSQL databases are most easily defined by what they aren't -- reliant on Structured Query Language, or SQL. But what are NoSQL databases? Trading relational models for a distributed, schema-less data structure, NoSQL databases are highly scalable and have gained popularity riding a wave of massively parallel Web applications. There are many categories of NoSQL designs -- key value, graph, document-oriented -- and well-known technologies include BigTable, HBase, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB and SimpleDB. The buzz Still want to know -- what are NoSQL databases? NoSQL database technology makes it to ThoughtWorks MPP hardware, NoSQL databases: New DBMS options Can Oracle peddle NoSQL databases? Developers looking to build big Web applications needed to add more and more processing nodes to keep up with almost boundless demand for computing power. Relational databases came up short, so software engineers at Google, Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo devised non-SQL solutions -- laying the groundwork for big data analytics and expanded ...

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