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April 2015, Volume 3, Number 2

Are your business applications in the cloud?

The theme of this issue of Business Information -- the future of enterprise applications -- took us quickly and inevitably to the cloud. The future is in the cloud, then. The end. Yet things are far from settled. Certainly the cloud is ready for business, but not all businesses are ready for the cloud. And not all applications are equal when it comes to cloud computing. So while we know the future, we aren't quite sure how, or how long it will take, to get more business applications in the cloud. Many organizations find themselves in that space between starting in the cloud and becoming fully detached from on-premises software. Others are moving forward as improvements in security allay concerns about whether having business applications in the cloud is safe for sensitive data. In finance and accounting, for instance, "the majority of companies still rely on physical servers," writes columnist Mary Driscoll. But, "a growing number of financial management executives are warming to the idea of carefully and deliberately moving ...

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