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Trend watch: Data management and business intelligence technologies

Learn more about developments and key issues in data management, business intelligence and data analytics in this guide featuring analysis and commentary from our editors.

1Intelligence file-

Business intelligence analysis from editors Craig Stedman and Ed Burns

Read about best practices and new developments concerning business intelligence technologies and advanced analytics software. SearchBusinessAnalytics Executive Editor Craig Stedman and Site Editor Ed Burns discuss BI and analytics topics and offer advice on how to manage successful business intelligence projects.


Microsoft readies its cloud lineup to take on Amazon

Microsoft may be making some inroads in its quest to take on Amazon in the cloud arena -- and SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Data Warehouse are central to the company's ongoing transformation. Continue Reading


Interest in data scientists hasn't led to job openings

Searches for the term "data scientist" have shot up on Google since 2012. Unfortunately, job listings for the role have stayed about the same since 2006. Why is that? Ed Burns takes a look. Continue Reading


Data scientists must help the masses embrace data analysis

If members of the public don't understand data analysis, it shouldn't come as a surprise when business executives don't, either. Ed Burns recommends that data scientists be prepared to educate executives. Continue Reading


Cyber security analytics can help avoid becoming breach statistic

There’s really no good reason why data breaches keep occurring -- especially given the cyber security analytics tools available to tackle the problem. Continue Reading


The importance of a fine-tuned targeted-marketing campaign

Advertising to the wrong people costs money, and can dissuade potential customers. Learn more about the benefits of a targeted-marketing campaign. Continue Reading


The future of business intelligence process is not now, for most

As the industry looks to the 3rd platform and the “SMAC” stack, the reality is most organizations are still working on BI basics. Continue Reading


Now’s the time to boost your data analysis skills

There’s a shortage of skilled professionals ready to tackle data analysis tasks in the workplace today. Go against the trend. Continue Reading


Only time will tell on predictive analytics ROI

While businesses rush into the realm of predictive analytics, the ROI remains an unknown. Continue Reading


Don't dismiss anxiety related to big data trends

Proponents shouldn't write off critiques of big data technology trends, though at times it may go too far. Continue Reading

Opinion problems reinforce need for IT-business alignment

The flawed rollout of the federal government's website offers a reminder that internal alignment is crucial to the success of IT projects. Are your BI team and business users on the same page? Continue Reading


Genuflect to the ROI throne on all BI projects? Fuggedaboutit!

Although return on investment clearly is important for businesses, being too constrained by ROI considerations can hold companies back. In some cases, it may be necessary to go with gut instinct on BI projects and other initiatives. Continue Reading


Enterprise Data World speaker's nine keys to becoming an analytics rock star

In his presentation at Enterprise Data World 2013, consultant Bernard Wehbe detailed nine principles that he said can turn an average analytics professional into an analytics rock star. Continue Reading


Get execs to get it: Demonstrating the business value of a BI program

In order to get the most out of BI projects, BI managers need to get backing from top-level executives. And that might require opening their eyes to the benefits of business intelligence. Continue Reading


Major advances to come in health and science thanks to big data technologies

Many of the best-known use cases for big data technologies have been in marketing and advertising, but there are also many ways that they can help with discoveries in health care and science. Continue Reading


BI beginners not the only ones who need to focus on business intelligence basics

It isn't surprising that companies new to business intelligence technologies and processes need to spend time focusing on the basics, but many more experienced BI teams also have a lot of work to do to establish a solid foundation. Continue Reading


Getting a business intelligence program to fully blossom takes long-term tending

Quicken Loans has developed a self-service BI program that can serve as a model for other companies looking to improve their BI processes. Read about some of the tenets of its business intelligence strategy. Continue Reading

2Talking data-

Data management market and trend analysis by editor Jack Vaughan

Find out what's new and noteworthy in data management circles. Jack Vaughan, site and news editor for SearchDataManagement, discusses new technologies and development, implementation and management strategies for Hadoop clusters, relational and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, and other aspects of data management.


Apache Spark: Shiny and new -- but in the end, it's computing

At times, it seems a Hadoop usurper, but the open source Spark processing engine is best viewed as another step on the long road of computing technology. Continue Reading


Analytics tools won’t outweigh a strong data management plan

High-powered data analytics tools can help you weed through data -- but you must be able to cope with the incoming information. That’s where a data management strategy comes in. Continue Reading


Facebook study raises questions about digital experimentation

Facebook's experiment in how social media can affect moods has some experts questioning the ethics of digital research. Find out why. Continue Reading


Hadoop buzz dims after Spark Summit, Google I/O

Could MapReduce’s shortcomings derail Hadoop? That’s what some are wondering after ApacheSpark drew attention after Spark Summit, and Google’s introduction of a MapReduce competitor. Continue Reading


Will big data drive a new machine age?

Authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee predict that big data and other advances in technology are pushing us into a second machine age. Continue Reading


Information from various machines powering Internet of Things

Diverse data and new applications fueled by information from machine sources are cropping up in the Internet of Things. Continue Reading


Cloud database applications shake up build-or-buy dichotomy

Database admins have more options with new cloud database applications that fall in the "big-data-intensive" category. Continue Reading


Will a NoSQL database solve your IT problem?

A shiny, new NoSQL database system, designed to handle the reams of data being produced today, hold an allure, for sure. But the IT problem you’re trying to solve comes first. Continue Reading


Data pros face tough data ethics questions

Frontline practitioners must address data ethics concerns following NSA data-collection revelations and other recent events. Continue Reading


Commercial cognitive computing not so easy for IBM Watson

IBM's Watson may have been a hit on Jeopardy! In 2011, but IBM needs to up its game to make Watson a commercial success in cognitive computing. Continue Reading


Various NoSQL databases seek to drive out RDBMSs

Many of the varied, disparate products in the NoSQL ranks are built for specific purposes, which makes comparing and sorting them challenging for prospective users. Continue Reading


Security services provider calms data flood with Hadoop, HBase

Solutionary Inc., a managed security services company, deployed a system based on Hadoop and its companion HBase database to help better manage large amounts of log data for analysis aimed at detecting network security threats. Continue Reading


Hadoop's role in modernizing mainframe apps -- or shutting them down

In addition to challenging the status quo in data warehousing, big data systems based on Hadoop clusters may have a role to play in mainframe modernization and migration initiatives. Continue Reading


The Google big data architecture: Not something for everyone to try

An IT manager from Google discussed the company's big data infrastructure at a recent TDWI chapter meeting in Boston. Should Google's strategy influence other efforts? Maybe not. Continue Reading


Lucene search and Hadoop combine to surface 'unknown unknowns'

The big data analytics world is increasingly focused on "unknown unknowns," searching for answers to questions that haven't even been thought of yet. Additions to Hadoop based on the Lucene search tool could help meet the need for a better way to sort through massive amounts of data. Continue Reading


Storm-on-YARN highlights Hadoop applications dichotomy

Yahoo's Storm-on-YARN technology is helping a Hadoop system keep up with a torrent of data about website user activity. But it also serves to emphasize the gap between enterprise Hadoop needs and those of top-tier Web companies. Continue Reading


Marketing and advertising driving big data cloud agenda

The merger of ad agencies Omnicon and Publicis -- as well as new marketing tools from Teradata and Kognitio -- highlights a growing focus on big data in the cloud. Continue Reading


Hadoop's evolution sparks new ways to program big data applications

Change was in the air at the Hadoop Summit 2013, where the focus was on the new features coming in Hadoop 2.0 -- including tools that change the basic definition of what Hadoop is and what it can do. Continue Reading


Bringing data to the masses: 4GLs yield to HTML5 for BI apps

Presentations at the Information Builders Summit 2013 conference highlighted the data journey from the 4GL tools of years past to new HTML5 desktop apps and looked ahead to the BI future. Continue Reading


Big data age requires change in business decision-making process

Panelists at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium and Gartner's MDM Summit stressed the need for the evolution of business decision-making processes to meet the demands and potential of big data environments. Continue Reading


Out of the sandbox: Hadoop management tools become more important

As companies begin using Hadoop as more than just an experimental technology, tools for managing Hadoop clusters are becoming more essential. Continue Reading

3Oracle revelations-

Oracle product and strategy analysis by editor Mark Fontecchio

In this section, get caught up with developments in Oracle data management and business intelligence technology. Mark Fontecchio, site and news editor for SearchOracle, provides analysis of the latest trends in the Oracle world to help users make more informed decisions about Oracle products and deployments.


Oracle founder Larry Ellison moves aside … but not really?

Oracle founder Larry Ellison is no longer CEO … instead, he’ll be CTO, and the new co-CEOs say nothing will change. So what’s with all the changes? Continue Reading


Why it would make sense if Oracle bought

Speculation that Oracle could end up purchasing isn’t out of bounds: Find out how the two companies would enhance one another. Continue Reading


Oracle-Rimini case proves importance of a software licensing agreement

The ruling in the Oracle-Rimini case isn’t about third-party support, so much as it’s about paying attention to what’s in the finer points of your software licensing agreement. Continue Reading


How traditional DBA role fits into big data puzzle

Data scientists and NoSQL are popular in the world of big data, yet traditional DBAs play a crucial part as well, if their skillsets remain relevant. Continue Reading


Customizing ERP software: How much is too much?

The vast majority of corporate ERP systems include some customizations aimed at better meeting business needs. But it might be time to start thinking about limiting your level of customization. Continue Reading


Is Oracle's push for NoSQL legitimacy working?

Oracle is struggling to make its NoSQL database relevant in the world of non-relational databases, but getting recognized among the mass of better-known NoSQL technologies may be a struggle. Continue Reading


Oracle DB 12c Multitenant: Is it worth the price tag?

Oracle is putting a high price on its Oracle Database 12c Multitenant feature, in addition to the already hefty cost of the database itself. Is the feature worth it, or has Oracle overreached on the most anticipated feature of 12c? Continue Reading


End users will benefit from new Oracle deals with Salesforce and others

The Oracle-Salesforce deal may mean the end of the longstanding and endlessly entertaining public feud between the two companies and their CEOs. And the resulting agreements likely will be for the better for customers. Continue Reading


Sales reps running wild with software license compliance issue

All is not well in the world of software license compliance. With software revenue growth on a downturn and pressures from executives mounting, sales reps are turning to increasingly aggressive tactics to make their numbers. Continue Reading


Oracle strategy means Sun hardware is no longer for hobbyists

The days of Sun enthusiasts and the "hobbyist" community are long gone, due to Oracle's high fees and disinterest in smaller-revenue business. But the steep drop in its hardware revenues over the past two years begs the question of whether Oracle's big business focus is working. Continue Reading


Don't cut corners with Oracle ERP implementations -- spend smart

Oracle ERP implementations can be time-consuming and stressful, but these examples and best practices show that it's possible to ease the way by focusing on the business case. Continue Reading


OpenWorld roundup: Yay, cloud database service; nay, cloud washing

We take a look at the highs (the vendor’s new cloud database service) and lows (cloud washing) of Larry Ellison’s keynote speech at Oracle OpenWorld. Continue Reading

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