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Building an effective data governance framework

Preserving the integrity and consistency of your organization's data is crucial. Learn best practices for managing a strong data governance program and maximizing the efforts of data stewards in this guide.


Effective data governance serves an important function within the enterprise, setting the parameters for data management and usage, creating processes for resolving data issues and enabling business users to make decisions based on high-quality data and well-managed information assets. But implementing a data governance framework isn't easy. Complicating factors often come into play, such as data ownership questions, data inconsistencies across different departments and the expanding collection and use of big data in companies.

Data stewardship adds another dimension -- and more challenges -- to data governance efforts. Whether an organization hires full-time data stewards or delegates stewardship responsibilities to existing employees, business units sometimes are reluctant to accept the new arrangement for maintaining data definitions and enforcing polices on data use. In an ideal environment, all users adopt a stewardship-minded approach and take responsibility for handling data in a way that both meets their immediate business needs and serves the company's overall requirements for data quality and consistency. But data stewardship processes need to be attuned to an organization's corporate culture in order to help foster internal adoption and compliance.

Developing a successful data governance strategy requires careful planning, the right people and appropriate tools and technologies. This essential guide offers best-practices advice for managing data governance projects, an exploration of data stewardship and details about common problems that organizations have experienced while instituting data governance programs -- and how they solved them.

1Best practices-

Best practices for a data governance program that works

Experienced users have the best insights for managing a data governance program and attaining defined goals. The articles in this section explore best practices for building an effective data governance framework, including communication processes, team involvement and strong management.


Prioritize communication and purpose for effective data governance

To produce the desired benefits from a data governance process, make sure you know why your organization is pursuing it in the first place, says consultant Danette McGilvray. Continue Reading


Five best practices for data governance from experienced users

Two IBM customers reveal some of the lessons they learned after implementing ambitious data governance programs. Continue Reading


With enough grassroots support, data governance programs can thrive

Sometimes business leaders overlook the need for data governance management and funding, so motivated IT staffers and business users may have to drive projects from the bottom up. Continue Reading


Sallie Mae exec details data governance best practices

Michele Koch, director of enterprise data management at Sallie Mae, explains the key strategies and tactics that fuel the student loan provider's data governance program. Continue Reading


Avoid these worst practices in enterprise data governance

Learn about 10 common data governance mistakes that can lead to failed initiatives, and get advice on what to do instead. Continue Reading

2Data stewardship-

Data stewardship: The role of data stewards

Data stewards fulfill important tactical functions by supporting enterprise data governance initiatives in various ways. Learn about the role of data stewards and the function of data stewardship in the following stories, which examine the challenges and benefits of adopting data stewardship programs.


Building a data stewardship program that supports data governance

Get tips on building and managing a data stewardship program that supports your organization's data governance efforts. Continue Reading


Data stewardship framework buoyed by solid project management

Implement strong project management processes to support your company's data stewardship framework and produce measurable results. Continue Reading


Data stewards must make adjustments to accommodate big data

Data stewards may have to adopt a shorter-term and narrower view of data stewardship to accommodate the needs of users on big data analytics projects. Continue Reading


Adopting data stewardship programs still challenging, despite benefits

Many companies are still reluctant to adopt data stewardship programs despite evidence that they improve corporate data quality. Continue Reading


Avoid big data chaos by acting as a BI data steward

Chief information officers and other IT managers can use data stewardship techniques to help their companies get useful information from business intelligence and big data applications. Continue Reading

3Problem solving-

Solving problems that arise in data governance programs

Implementing a data governance framework, or upgrading an existing one, raises questions about required tools, data quality levels, internal skills and potential resistance to change. Experts and users offer advice on how to overcome common issues in the following articles.


Implementing standard processes alongside data governance tools

Data governance success requires standard processes and best practices in addition to helpful tools, says consultant David Loshin. Continue Reading


How companies are maximizing big data benefits with data governance

Most companies are still learning how to implement effective data governance to get the most from their big data environments. Read advice on what to do. Continue Reading


Improving data quality with MDM and data governance programs

Learn how master data management and data governance can enhance data accuracy and consistency. Continue Reading


IT pros discuss how to overcome data governance challenges

Gain insight into data governance challenges and get tips on overcoming them from IT professionals at Sallie Mae and Fannie Mae. Continue Reading


Energize a data governance strategy with the right set of skills

Learn about data governance roles and responsibilities, and get advice on the management and technical skills that a successful data governance strategy and program requires. Continue Reading


Terms related to data governance and stewardship

Read about these terms to gain a better understanding of the topics covered in this data governance framework guide.


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