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Big data applications: Real-world strategies for managing big data

Do you have big ideas about big data? Resources in this guide offer advice on big data strategies and big data management tips from experienced users.


Big data management strategies and best practices are still evolving, but joining the big data movement has become an imperative for companies across a wide variety of industries. This guide delves into the experiences of early-adopter companies that have already deployed big data applications and technologies. IT professionals, C-level executives and industry analysts offer insights into what strategies work on big data projects and how to best integrate big data management initiatives with related processes such as data warehousing, data governance and data analytics.

The following stories explore the steps these companies took to set up big data systems and to update their approaches as needed. Readers will find practical information on implementing big data strategies, mixing Hadoop clusters and conventional data warehousing tools, incorporating big data analytics into the process and translating big data ideas into successful deployments.

1Big data strategy-

Advertising firm attracts clients with big data strategy

The search advertising company adMarketplace processes billions of ad requests daily in near real time using a pay-per-click platform. Due partly to the high level of data customization it offers to advertisers, adMarketplace processes 100 gigabytes of data per hour. The first article below explains how the company implemented a platform combining a traditional data warehouse and a NoSQL database to power the big data environment that feeds its search syndication system. Other stories in this section offer more insights into managing and using big data and how it fits into the data warehousing and data governance process.


adMarketplace attracts clients with big data strategy

Online advertising company adMarketplace uses a mix of NoSQL and SQL databases in a "big data" environment that feeds its search syndication system. Continue Reading


Big data deployments a must to stay competitive, analyst says analyst Jeff Kelly has a dire message for organizations that think they can ignore "big data": Your rivals might leave you in the dust. Continue Reading


Big data doesn't mean the end of the enterprise data warehouse

As "big data" systems steal into organizations, the enterprise data warehouse is often depicted as a dinosaur. But it may not be doomed to extinction. Continue Reading


Governing big data presents new challenges for organizations

Effective governance can help companies get the most out of their "big data" environments. But at this point, there's no formula for how to do that. Continue Reading

2Successful big data projects-

Sprint's big data project highlighted at IBM conference

At IBM's most recent Information on Demand conference, an executive from Sprint presented information on the telecommunications company's efforts to harness big data to gain new insights on how customers are using its network. An IBM vice president also offered guidance for other companies interested in tackling big data initiatives. Below, find related articles that explore IBM's own use of big data tools and provide advice on developing and implementing big data strategies.


Sprint's big data project highlighted at IBM conference

An IBM VP and a user from Sprint took to the stage at the vendor's Information on Demand conference to offer advice on how to make sense of big data. Continue Reading


IBM's CIO is big on using big data internally

IBM's big data management projects rely on its Blue Insight cloud and Cognos analytics software, which turn data into optimized business processes. Continue Reading


Gartner analyst details the essential elements of big data projects

Building a successful big data strategy takes discipline, imagination and a CIO who can work with the business. Here's how to do it. Continue Reading


Deploy big data technology for the right reasons

Not every data problem requires "big data" technology, says consultant Vineet Tyagi. In a video Q&A, he discusses good uses for big data tools and offers tips on managing a big data project. Continue Reading

3Big data tools-

Managing online data: comScore explains big data analytics move

In an effort to improve upon its big data analytics program, Web analytics and customer intelligence services provider comScore Inc. moved from one Hadoop distribution to a competing platform. The lead article below explores the reasons why and offers advice on big data analytics and management best practices. The other related stories offer additional insight and information on Hadoop and other big data technologies.


Managing online data: comScore explains big data analytics move

IT officials at Web intelligence firm comScore Inc. explain why they switched to a new Hadoop distribution for managing its vast pool of online data. Continue Reading


Eckerson: Big data systems, Hadoop can pay quick dividends

In a video interview, TechTarget's Wayne Eckerson discusses the benefits and challenges of deploying Hadoop-based systems in 'big data' environments. Continue Reading


Software connectors link Hadoop clusters, relational databases

Various software vendors have begun offering connectors designed to help users bridge the gap between Hadoop clusters and relational databases. Continue Reading


Hadoop, other big data tools still have some maturing to do

Many organizations are eyeing Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL databases for managing "big data." But there are issues to consider before using those technologies in place of a traditional data warehouse. Continue Reading

4Data warehouses & big data-

Big data applications create new opportunities -- and challenges

Catalina Marketing Corp., which tracks and analyzes the shopping activities of consumers, was managing huge data sets long before big data became a C-suite phrase. In the first article in this section, Catalina's now-retired CIO offers advice to organizations that are launching big data management and analytics strategies, highlighting the importance of using distributed systems to lighten the load on data warehouses. Other users and analysts weigh in as well. The related stories below further explore ideas for effectively combining data warehousing and big data management technologies.


Big data applications create new opportunities -- and challenges

IT pros and analysts offer guidance on how to cope with the complexities of "big data" installations in data warehouses and alternative data stores. Continue Reading


Tracking big data's effects on data warehouse architectures

To make the most of different data assets, analysts say data warehouses and big data systems should be blended into logical or hybrid architectures. Continue Reading


New approaches needed on data warehouse strategy with big data in mix

The flood of "big data," particularly unstructured information, is pushing organizations to look beyond traditional data warehousing. That creates new opportunities but also new challenges. Continue Reading


Video: WhereScape Software CEO on managing big data, data warehouses

Michael Whitehead, CEO and founder of WhereScape Software, discusses "big data" management challenges, gives tips on overcoming those obstacles and explains WhereScape's data warehousing strategy. Continue Reading


Big data terminology

Terms like "big data" are used in a variety of contexts. Check out the technical definitions here.

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