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December 2014

Data warehouse systems learn new tricks to stay relevant

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Poor data warehouses. They just don’t seem to get the same respect in the big data era, when Hadoop and other NoSQL databases are hogging the spotlight. But don’t count out the data warehouse just yet.

In this three-part guide, SearchDataManagement contributors argue for the continued presence of the data warehouse in the enterprise. First, consultant Wayne Eckerson calls out the big data vendors bad-mouthing data warehouse systems. Sure, these data stores take significant time -- and money -- to set up, but they still provide business executives with clean, vetted data to influence effective decision making. Next, consultant Rick van der Lans analyzes the impact of big data on data warehouse management. New business needs are shifting how organizations present the data found in the warehouse. SearchDataManagement site and news editor Jack Vaughan closes with an overview of the use of Agile development in data warehousing and BI initiatives. With insight from attendees at the 2014 TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, Vaughan reports that these methods can pacify the demands of both business and IT.

About The Author

Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer

Senior news writer Jack Vaughan writes stories and helps oversee...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Stop dissing the data warehouse
  • Data warehouses are now eminently logical
  • Agile methods cast business light on dark process

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