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June 2015

A helluva database performance begins with speed

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If you're a database administrator or developer these days, you have one wish for a database management system: Make it fast. It needs to be, because applications are requiring more and more power to run. There's in-memory processing, which can really speed things along, but it can also be a drag on database performance. And big data applications and new database designs like NoSQL technologies further add to performance issues.

This guide aims to boost performance management planning. First, consultant Rick Sherman gives tips on designing a database for speed and efficiency. Next, reporter Jessica Sirkin talks to Microsoft SQL Server DBAs about using monitoring tools to keep after-hours work to a minimum. Finally, reporter Jack Vaughan interviews analyst Curt Monash about workloads. Consider how big they are, Monash says, when planning database deployment.

About The Author

Rick Sherman - Managing Partner

Rick Sherman is the founder and managing partner of Athena IT ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Intelligent design gives database performance a push
  • Monitoring tools help DBAs take back the night
  • Weigh workloads when data planning

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