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Customer data integration software

  • Building a customer data integration business case: Project specifications

    Building a customer data integration business case requires some basic knowledge of the project's scope and specifications. Our CDI expert discusses general expectations for CDI implementation times and costs.  Continue Reading

  • CDI initiative: Where to begin?

    Our expert offers some advice on various approaches to launching a customer data integration (CDI) project.  Continue Reading

  • False CDI prophets

    Jill: I'm a segment manager in the Marketing organization of a Fortune 50 energy company, and I think I "get" CDI better than our IT people do, in spite of how you've described CDI as infrastructure. Our Vice President of Enterprise Systems claims ...  Continue Reading

  • Implementing CDI risks

    Jill: Thanks for the clarity you've provided on the differences between CDI and other technologies. My company is currently evaluating CDI vendors. My business people are afraid of implementing CDI risks building a new data silo. Is this true?  Continue Reading

  • Reconciled data

    Jill: You keep saying that CDI delivers de-duped, standardized, "reconciled," integrated data to other applications. But what do you mean by the word "reconciled?" Is this the same thing as "managed?"  Continue Reading