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Yes you can use IBM Assembler language to access DB2 data

I need to create some extract programs to read a set of DB2 tables in our mainframe environment? I don't have time to learn COBOL but I have 18 years of experience with MVS Assembler. Is there a way to connect the two (DB2 and Assembler)?
Although there is good news on your specific question, I first want to make sure you have exhausted all of the easier options. I am assuming that you have examined using DSNTIAUL or an UNLOAD utility to extract the needed data and that these options are not sufficient (perhaps due to complex processing requirements that need special programming logic). Also, I am going to assume that you do not have any 3GL that is better-suited to this type of task.

That being the case, yes you can use IBM Assembler language to access DB2 data. REXX maybe another option for you if you are familiar with it.

There is not sufficient space and this is not the correct forum for teaching the mechanics of how to code an Assembler program to extract DB2 data. The best place to start would be to download the IBM manual titled "Application Programming and SQL Guide" (the V8 manual number is SC18-7415) from the IBM Web site. Chapter 9 has a section to guide you through coding SQL statements in an Assembler program. Find the proper IBM DB2 manuals to download here. And good luck!

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