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When to use a DBMS and the future of data warehousing data management

Find out when you should use a DBMS with your data warehouse, and learn about the future of data warehousing data management and current state of data warehouse architecture.

When should we use a DBMS? And what is the future of data warehousing data management?

Unless you’re taking a very narrow view of what a database management system is, such as strictly a multipurpose, row-based, non-appliance-model database management system, then you will use a DBMS for your data warehouse as a matter of course – at least for now.

The future of data warehousing data management has promising changes coming in the form of triple stores, solid state disks and phase-change memory systems. The vendors of those systems and devices will begin to argue that they are not tied to a DBMS in order to differentiate them from current technology.

However, at present, you would definitely put your data warehouse on a DBMS. From there, the data warehouse architecture can easily extend into all manner of storage technologies for data marts as well as business intelligence, data mining and analytics systems. 

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