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What are some major data management technology trends?

In this expert Q/A, you'll learn about some major data management technology trends coming out of the recession, including MDM and new types of data analysis tools.

With the economy seeming to be doing a bit better than last year, we're starting to plan what systems we should look forward to in the future. What type of data management systems do you think will be popular in the near future that we should also look at?
Not knowing a great deal about your organization (strike that — not knowing anything about it), it's hard for me to answer this question. Let me throw out two data management technology trends that are probably worth investigating irrespective of organizational particulars. Master data management (MDM) seems to be increasing in popularity, although smaller organizations with better data, fewer systems and well-defined data dictionaries might not see the need. Also, emerging data analysis tools such as IBM's SNAzzy data mining software can enable organizations to analyze the unstructured data generated by social networking sites.

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