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Weighing the cost of tableBASE

Though it comes with a price, tableBASE software saves time and effort. However, our expert suggests an alternative...

The insurance application system that I support uses tableBASE extensively and it costs a huge license fee. We are planning to get rid of it and I am looking for an alternative solution. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement?
I believe the software you are talking about, tableBASE, is a memory-resident, table management system for enhancing mainframe batch, DB2, CICS and IMS/TM applications and it is sold and supported by Data Kinetics, Ltd.

So, if you decide that you no longer want to pay the license fee, what are your alternatives? Well, for one, you could code each table yourself in your application programs. Of course, that takes a lot of effort and is probably something that you want to avoid doing. That is why the tableBASE software has the price tag that it does.

If you are looking for software similar to tableBASE that you might use instead, consider TABLES from Specialized Solutions. More information is available at www.specializedsolutions.com.

Of course, there will be conversion issues and functionality of the two products may not be exactly alike, but it is a place to start.

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