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Universal data availability in the enterprise

Universal data availability, is it a good idea for business?

What is your take on universal data availability? Generally speaking, should info from the data warehouse be available to all employees?
There is absolutely NO reason for data of any sort to be made available to ALL employees. Attempting to make such an argument is basically saying that the company has decided to avoid taking on the responsibility of protecting and securing data appropriately.

Every piece of data that is important enough for an organization to collect and maintain is important enough to be secured and protected properly. This means that only those people within the organization who have a business requirement to access the data should be permitted to access it. All other access should be denied using the security mechanisms of the DBMS and/or add-on security software. Failure to adequately protect data is why we see so many stories about data breaches (over 150 in the past 18 months).

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