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Three master data management trends

Learn three master data management (MDM) trends that could affect your MDM strategy and implementation.

Are there any master data management (MDM) trends to watch for?
MDM trend No. 1: One master data management (MDM) trend we're seeing is the use of data quality tools within an MDM hub environment. Many of the MDM solutions on the market can take a data value and identify, match and store it without having to cleanse it. But quite a few of our clients have already standardized on data quality solutions, having established what their data cleansing rules are. These companies would like to maximize their data quality investments, and are increasingly requesting that their MDM tools call existing data quality routines.

MDM trend No. 2: Another MDM trend we're seeing is using a common platform for multiple data subject areas. For instance, most IT shops have gone through the effort of integrating multple servers onto a single platform. Doing this with MDM reduces the number of phyiscal platforms while leveraging incumbent skill sets.

MDM trend No. 3: Finally, we're seeing the trend of building solid business cases for MDM that transcend the "feeds and speeds" conversation and pitch bona-fide business value of MDM. Take case management in state government--whereby the state can track an individual despite multiple identities and addresses--thereby more quickly targeting food stamp fraud and saving millions in taxpayer dollars. That's one of many examples of MDM driving business value--and constituent satisfaction!

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