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The state of enterprise information management technology use in 2011

Get expert insight on whether there likely will be any strategic shifts during 2011 in how companies use enterprise information management technology.

Do you see any strategic shifts that companies are making in using enterprise information management technology this year?

For 2011, I don’t see any major shifts in the basics of implementing a successful EIM program and using EIM technology. EIM requires organizational commitments in the form of executive sponsorship, internal resources, end-user education, execution capabilities and a willingness to change the way business is done. It also requires placing the proper focus and value on managing data as a corporate asset.

I do expect companies that have begun implementations of EIM programs to expand their scope into some of the less mature functional components that initially weren’t addressed by the efforts. In addition, ongoing technology developments will continue to play a role in how EIM is supported and enabled within organizations as they adopt new technologies (e.g., SaaS, cloud computing and SOA).


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