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The best way to begin an enterprise information management program

Get expert advice on launching an enterprise information management program and creating an EIM strategy.

Are there different approaches to an enterprise information management (EIM) program? And if so, how should we decide which one is best suited to our business?

From my experience, the best way to approach a new enterprise information management program is by developing an EIM strategy and roadmap that includes a maturity assessment of all the EIM framework component areas within an organization – whether they already exist or not. That includes key functions such as data governance and stewardship, information quality management, master and reference data management, information architecture and metadata management.

This type of approach should help you determine the best business opportunities for your organization to benefit initially from the adoption of EIM processes. In addition, it can aid you in evaluating the relative maturity of the organization’s data management practices, assessing immediate resource needs and laying out a systematic approach for moving forward with the EIM initiative.

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