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SOA governance best practices

Get two service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance best practices -- one for IT and one for the business side.

Are there any best practices for SOA governance?
While I'm not a service-oriented architecture (SOA) expert, I will say yes, there are best practices for SOA governance -- one at an IT level, and one at the business level.

At the IT level, you should have a development standards group, and SOA governance should be established and reviewed in the same way as development standards (how your company reviews code, naming and testing standards, etc.) are established and reviewed. SOA governance should be beholden to the same rigor that development standards are subject to within an organization.

At the business level, a best practice for SOA governance is to establish a set of enterprise-level business processes that can be service-enabled. That way, SOA can drive not only adherence to standards, but the efficiencies of re-use as well.

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