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Running a 24x7 environment

What solutions are there for real 24x7 database managers? We run CICS in a multi-way Syplex attached to IMS on each LPAR. Is there a way to do IMS database maintenance with out disrupting the online system noticeably?

Running a 24x7 environment is indeed challenging. Fortunately, BMC Software offers several good products to make this challenge achievable.

First of all, the MAXM Database Advisor for IMS is an application that proactively and automatically manages full function database environment(s) within and across IMS and z/OS SYSPLEXs. The Advisor predicts threshold-exceeding space and database performance events. What this means is that at a user specified lead-time, Advisor logs the upcoming event as an exception that requires action. This proactive notification gives the DBA advance warning so that required database maintenance can be planned and scheduled in such a way to have minimal impact on existing SLAs. The product is managed through a flexible, easy to use Windows-based interface.

The MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS w/Defrag Feature product virtually eliminates the downtime required for reorganizations. The database is available for updates throughout the reorganization. The MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS online reorg function is an exclusive BMC Software technology that enables you to update your databases in real time while they are being reorganized. You no longer need a batch window to reorganize IMS full-function databases. The Online/Defrag feature reorganizes portions of a database that are causing performance problems-with no outage. Your application performance can improve with no interruption to your data availability.

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