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Roles and responsibilities for new MIS unit handling data quality and BI

Read advice on sorting out the roles and responsibilities of an MIS unit that is tasked with handling data quality, business intelligence and reporting.

I'm in charge of a recently established MIS unit (different than IT) responsible for the data quality, reports, BI etc.

My questions are:
  • In your opinion what are the major tasks of this unit?
  • What are the job skills required to carry these tasks?
  • What do you suggest for the job titles and can you provide brief descriptions?

MIS and IT (and IS for that matter) are used pretty interchangably in the market with IT being more predominant and a more modern term than the others. So, I'm not sure how you're distinguishing MIS from IT, but the areas of responsibility lead me to believe that it is a BI/DW organization - although you may be focused on the front-end of BI a little more. Since I see data quality as being a DW/BI responsibility, not strictly front-end, I'm going to assume you have some overarching DW/BI responsibilities.

I'm going to suggest my white paper on "Effective Data Warehouse Roles and Responsibilities". The methodology you choose to adapt for your program will emphasize some of these roles as opposed to others, but they're all needed nonetheless. Keep in mind, though I list quite a few "roles", in smaller shops, people can and do play multiple of these roles. Just be sure they are all covered.


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