Resources on creating and supporting BLOBs in DB2

Craig Mullins recommends two specific resources for learning how to create and support Binary Large Objects (BLOB) in DB2.

I am looking for some information on implementing Binary Large Object (BLOB) - for image data in a DB2 OS390 - MVS platform. I have searched all over for reasonable and easily understandable examples, but I have not been able to find anything that is even remotely related.

Do you know of any resources that might help inform me on the retrieval of BLOB with 3.51 Enterprise COBOL?

There are several nice IBM redbooks that tackle the topic of using and coding for Binary Large Objects with DB2 for z/OS. The first book is titled Large Objects with DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 (SG24-6571). Chapter 4 of this redbook is called "Using LOBs" and it will probably contain a lot of what you are looking for in terms of descriptions, examples and as some sample code.

You should also consider downloading another useful redbook titled LOBs with DB2 for z/OS: Stronger and Faster (SG24-7270). This redbook offers a revised description of the DB2 functions for LOB support as well as useful information about how to design and implement LOBs. In this one, you can find additional examples of their use, programming considerations and the enhanced processes used for their administration and maintenance.

Together, these two redbooks should provide you with the ammunition you need to create and support Binary Large Objects in DB2.

If you are not familiar with redbooks, they are supplementary manuals provided by IBM for free over the web in Adobe PDF format. You can download them from




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