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Project management tips for a decision-support system implementation

Learn the keys to project management when implementing a decision- support system and find out some steps to follow for the implementation process in this tip from a systems, data and project management expert.

When implementing a decision support system, how important is project management? What are some key steps we should follow?
Project management (PM) is always key to a major IT initiative -- even a decision-support system. However, many factors influence how easy it will be to manage your project. Some of these include:

  • The scope of the new system
  • The complexity of the new system
  • The external business environment
  • The capacity of your current end-users to engage in testing, training and the like

In terms of steps to follow, I recommend in my book Why New Systems Fail: Theory and Practice Collide the following broad phases of software deployment:

  • Discovery/business needs assessment
  • Application exploration
  • System design
  • System testing
  • System activation

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